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It is clear that the 5th wheel of the coach is still the writer… That this economically catastrophic period will bring down small businesses and book artisans in particular! But in this area, let us not forget the reality on the ground. Authors who do not have a Publishing House and who do not have a network have no choice but to go through manufacturers like Amazon, if they want to exist, because independent bookstores do not accept not everybody. So, JECHERCHEUNLIVRE.COM wants to be the alternative solution to mammoths like Amazon, but also a fairer way of seeing the work of authors return to authors and not to sales intermediaries. The world of tomorrow, rewarding the value of a work to the right person is on the way, and awareness will allow great progress! Beyond the difficulties and misfortunes that strike and affect us, 2020 is the start of a New World, let's take advantage of seeing this wonderful news with our own eyes!

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