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Lielie in a few words:

Her favorite quote: "The word is freedom." by Zoé Valdès.

Her favorite character: Mira in Women's Toilets by Marylin Finch.

Novelist, knitter of words, likes to take side roads, the great outdoors, nature, cats, elephants, green tea, lemon pies, dark chocolate, watching the sunsets, the shooting stars, the moon, rainbows after rain, long walks, dreaming.

Lielie lives in Paris. From her childhood lulled by the reading of tales and stories, she kept her head in the clouds. Wanders according to her imagination, she creates simple characters who escape the ordinary, metamorphose during encounters that turn their lives upside down.

His sources of inspiration: Raymond Carver, Joyce Carol Oates, Jim Harison, nature, non-linear existences, travel, animals. She likes to photograph fleeting moments, capture colors, capture moments to put them down in her pages. The themes addressed in his novels are diversity, acceptance of difference, friendship, love, changes in life choices, relationships between humans and animals, links between the world of the living and the dead, resilience.

She has published short fictions, articles, romances, for the women's press under different pseudonyms, news for Harfang Revue de littératures, Revue Saint Ambroise, three novels: Join us in 2017, Dance life in 2017, Villa Eugénie in 2019, a collection of short stories: Le Parc aux Rêves en 2019. She has just finished writing a new novel and is currently in the process of developing a literary series.

Winner of the 2016 short story competition of the Pont-Saint-Esprit and Gard Rhodanien Book Festival, on the theme "Childhood". Author of the short story "Mother's Day".

Winner of Anim'ta Plume's 2019 short story competition, in partnership with novelist Pauline Hirschauer and number 7 publishing house. Theme of the competition: "2030. you rediscover your city". Author of the short story "One day, you will see." She participated in the writing of a collection of collective short stories: Plumes d'hier décember 2019. She runs writing workshops and a book club in Paris.





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Danse la vie-1


Jones and Camélia, Avery and Eileen, Karl and Alicia, Pia and Milo are the powerfully romantic couples of this timeless saga which evolves between the world of the circus, through the Zyla circus and that of the horse, via a revolutionary hacienda in Argentina, built and managed by Alicia's father in which everyone, Indians, travelers, tourists, citizens of the world and expatriates, have their place as long as they open up to others and love horses.

As the common thread of this existential saga, a signet ring draped in strong symbols, courage, honesty, loyalty that circus officials entrust to the disciples of their choice to continue their action. Let us not seek realism in this universalist fresco which cultivates respect for the animal world as that of humans.

Lielie Sellier makes us live it with fever and passion as so many proofs of love for these characters that she chiseled with a delicate and precise pen, poetic and humanist within a documented and faithful story at the time. She introduces us into this world of the circus where the animal is a companion, loved and respected, into that of these humans without a homeland or devastated by violent events, such as Ghost, for example, an Indian shaman who practices herbal medicine. the meadow and cares for the animals and souls of his peers.

The world that the author describes to us is at the crossroads of love and fantasy, between the earth and the stars towards which these heroes and heroines converge who continue, beyond death to watch over their own.


ISBN: 978-295607022-1

Number of pages: 356

Price: 16 euros

Age: All ages

Theme of the book:

Passion - romance - originality of style

Le parc aux rêves -1


Fifteen new carriers of messages imbued with friendship, sharing and respect between humans and animals.

New messengers of hope where animals are presented as individuals and not as goods, food or enemies. The modes of communication between humans and animals are highlighted, highlighted.

The news is told from the point of view of the animals. They exchange, they challenge. Wolves, cats, a turtle, a ladybug, a fox, a bird, dogs speak to us through the various news.

The imaginary side is fun with the crocodile escaping the pages of a book or the story with the talking teddy bear ...


ISBN: 978-295607024-5

Number of pages: 217

Price: 10 euros

Age: All ages

Theme of the book:

Originality of style

Villa Eugénie-1


On the heights of an unknown, almost secret island, stands the flamboyant and captivating Villa Eugenie. Refuge of hearts and souls, this haven of peace, comforting in turmoil, soothing in pain, stunning in joy, will be the kingdom of a thousand and one lives.

Between its walls, witnesses of so much happiness and misfortune, the living and the missing live together. Their stories intertwine over the pages, over the years. Times, characters, destinies so different, but for all, a fierce desire to defend the oppressed, an almost visceral need to come to the aid of others, men or animals and the desire to make our planet a place of purer life.


ISBN: 978-295607025-2

Number of pages: 290

Price: 16 euros

Age: All ages

Theme of the book:

Originality of style



An extraordinary story, inspired by real events. A child, a beach ... A captivating and magnetic story, captivating and disarming. You will open your eyes to a world previously inaccessible. And never forget ... Life sometimes gives us a second chance.

The birth of my novel Join us

One morning on the radio, a news item hit me right in the heart. It was in November 2013, a fisherman had discovered on a beach in Berck the body of a little girl Adelaide.

I learned later by following this case that it was an infanticide, her mother had abandoned her on the beach one evening in November at the rising tide, the little girl had drowned.

I dedicated my novel to this little girl. Through my pages with a feather that I wanted to be light and delicate, I reinvented her a life between heaven and earth, a life that she might have liked to live. I often think of this little girl, she never really left me.

Genre: Fantasy Fiction

ISBN: 978-295607025-2

Number of pages: 290

Price: 16 euros

Age: All ages

Theme of the book:

Originality of style


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Participation in the Virtual French Literary Art Fair from December 4 to 6, 2020.

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