A manuscript cannot enter the book market without having been proofread. It is not a question of making a typo on a facebook post or a site, your book is an object of art and should be treated as such.

Paperbacks often require more precise editing rules that will help you deliver the best possible quality to your work. As part of the standard edition, the publisher takes care of it. But in the context of self-publishing, this work of formatting is up to you. Pay the utmost attention to it.

The editors call them “the sheets”. They designate front and back pages that are positioned at the beginning of your paperback, before the text.

  • The first sheet of the book must be white and not paginated.

  • The second sheet is called “the half-title” and generally includes the title and subtitle of the work on the front. It allows the authors to bring a dedication.

  • On the back are the names of any other works by the same author. If this is your first book, then leave this blank page.

  • Concerning the third sheet: on the front, the title, the subtitle, the name of the author.

  • On the back, we will find the publication date which will be preceded by the acronym ©, as well as the address of the self-publisher (or publisher), the ISBN number as well as a possible text on the intellectual property code (not compulsory) .

  • Finally, the author can also dedicate the following two pages to quotes, dedications of his choice or thanks (which can be found at the end of the book).

Tips for preparing your manuscript well:

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

  1. Your layout in the desired format

  2. Respect the margins

  3. Fonts

  4. The first pages

  5. Footers: pagination

  6. Other layout rules

  7. Last pages

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Publishing a book is a simple and complicated path when you understand all the things to do so that your book is up to the most serious in publishing. Surrounding yourself with professionals is an obligation in our time when the number of authors is constantly increasing. You want to stand out from the crowd, and be on the list of serious authors, it is better to call on a professional with experience in his field to help you rather than publish a book that would be too "DIY"!


This is why through the site, I put at your service my professional skills in layout to finalize your book after going through my colleagues in the correction and writing assistance if it was necessary.

I have been a business manager for 30 years and my experience in publishing and graphic design in particular is over 15 years.

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