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Genre des livres :
Roman Fantasy

Sa première télévision


Who am I ?


A married woman and mother of 3 children

Why an author's name? It's a name that belongs to me and built from the beginnings of the first names of my 3 sons (a fourth child)

My personality: sociable, loyal and sometimes "boring" since perfection does not exist in this world

The word that characterizes me the best: perseverance


My studies: Master of History, 3rd cycle of Customer Relationship Management and Master of Product Manager

My professional background: in charge of twinning and cooperation, account manager, marketing manager and for several years, teacher of history, geography and general culture


I like: meetings, the sun, discovering other cultures, broadening my knowledge

I love: my family, laughter, History

I hate: hypocrisy, intolerance

I hate: racism, injustice


My passions: reading and cinema

My desires: travel

My favorite activities: sports and card games


The works that gave me the most emotions: The temple of Karnak, the David, Carmina Burana

The 3 novels that have marked me the most: La betrayal of the Gods, Dune and Quo Vadis

My inspiration comes to me from: news, history, books, films and comics


My work: The chronicles of Ĕphÿr

My literary style: fantasy

The titles already published: The Twilight of the Peoples, Book I; The Night of the Peoples, Book II

Themes addressed in my work: the instrumentalization of faith, the fight for the freedom of peoples, equality between men and women

My upcoming projects: writing Book III


My blog:


My channel:

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L.S. NOELYJAY à la radio IDFM

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Next signing session


Saturday April 3, 2021 - Auchan de Soisy bookstore - 28 avenue de Paris - 95 230 SOISY-SOUS-MONTMORENCY



les chroniques d'Ephyr - Tome 1 - L.S. N

THE CHRONICLES OF EPHYR, Book 1: The Twilight of the Peoples


War is brewing over Ĕphÿr. The Sahrfir as well as Zoltanör, at the head of the Sarkinis, started the Shakkar on the Golden Lands in the name of the Invisible, their God. What are the other lands going to do? Fight or surrender? If battles are played out between peoples, they are also played out between beings. Zoltanör, Marür, Torgmer, Némak and Ronök, warriors will have no other choice but to ally themselves or to confront each other. In this brutal world, women will take their destiny in hand. This is the case of Eiinis, the prisoner of war, Maynis, the shopkeeper, Hëylyah, the housewife or Yëwana, the priestess.The dark hours are coming. Isn't it already too late?

Genre: Fantasy

ISBN: 978-2956368717

Price: 17 euros

Age: from 15 years old

Educational aspect of the books:

Develop your imagination / Accept differences. / Team working.

les chroniques d'Ephyr - Tome 2 - L.S. N

THE CHRONICLES OF EPHYR, Book 2: The peoples night


The Sarkinis lead the second stage of the Shakkar with great determination. Land after land, people after people, all bow and rock in the night. On the ruins of the Old World arises a single society shaped by the Invisible over all Ĕphÿr. Beings like Ronök and Malïrr make the choice of this new faith. But, others such as Torgmer or Lanka Kalan have not said their last word. They refuse this total annihilation hoping for a turnaround. So these shadows wait year after year waiting for the auspicious moment. Will the discovery of a new land be this opportunity? Volkör, Kôdan, Astraïr, Waleykya or Nyrlä, very particular young people, could they be the key to Ĕphÿr's destiny?

Genre: Fantasy

ISBN: 978-2-956-36872-4

Price: 19 euros

Age: from 15 years old

Educational aspect of the books:

Develop your imagination / Accept differences. / Team working.


We will keep you posted on the date of the next and final video in the series ...

Séances précédentes de dédicaces

Dimanche   20 décembre 2020 à Auchan Villebon Chemin de Briis - 91140 VILLEBON-SUR-YVETTE

Samedi      30 janvier 2020 à Librairie de Cora - CC Val d'Yerres - 91 800 BOUSSY-SAINT-ANTOINE

Vendredi  5 et Samedi 6 février 2021 à la Librairie Auchan Villebon - Chemin de Briis - 91140 VILLEBON-SUR-YVETTE  

Samedi 27 février 2021 - Librairie Auchan - Centre Commercial Boissenart - 77 240 CESSON

Samedi 3 avril 2021 - Librairie Auchan de Soisy - 28 avenue de Paris - 95 230 SOISY-SOUS-MONTMORENCY

Samedi      10 Avril 2021 à Librairie de Cora - CC Val d'Yerres - 91 800 BOUSSY-SAINT-ANTOINE

Samedi 15 mai 2021 - Librairie Auchan  C.C LA MAISON NEUVE  91 220 BRETIGNY-SUR-ORGE

Samedi 29 mai 2021 - Librairie Cora - C.C FORUM 20 - 75 avenue Aristide Briand - 94110 ARCUEIL

Vendredi 11 et Samedi 12 juin 2021 - Salon du livre Auchan - Chemin de Briis - 91140 VILLEBON-SUR-YVETTE

Samedi 26 juin 2021 - Librairie Auchan Mantes - Chemin Départemental 110 - 78200 BUCHELAY

Samedi 28 août 2021 : Auchan Brétigny, Librairie Auchan, Centre Commercial de la Maison Neuve, 91220 Brétigny-sur-Orge

Samedi 11 septembre 2021 : Cora Arcueil, Forum 20 Shopping Center, 75 avenue Aristide Briand, 94 110 ARCUEIL 

Samedi 18 septembre 2021 : Auchan Vélizy, Librairie Auchan, Westfield 2,  2 avenue de l'Europe 78140, Vélizy-Villacoublay

Samedi 25 septembre 2021 : Auchan Plaisir, Librairie Auchan, Aushopping Grand Plaisir, Chemin Départemental 161, 78370 Plaisir

Samedi 2 octobre 2021 : Cora Val d'Yerres, Libraire Cora, Centre commercial Val d'Yerres, 2, 91800 Boussy-Saint-Antoine