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Philippe in a few words:

Philippe Frot in Toucy, not far from Auxerre. He was a boxing trainer in parallel with his profession as a baker. Completed literary studies. After some health concerns, he threw himself headlong into writing.


Shame, 2021

My old lovers

The red eagle of the twin brothers

Whether you are him or her, I love you

Brown is back

cast off

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Welcome to my world !

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Un octogénaire, ancien boulanger, vit très mal sa situation actuelle. Il est le père de deux fils, Denis et Michel, qui se détestent cordialement. C'est donc séparément qu'il les reçoit. Avant de quitter ce monde, Joseph n'a qu'un seul rêve.

Que toute sa famille soit enfin réunie au grand complet pour les fêtes de fin d'année.


Ce livre est pour tous les papis et les mamies, véritables mémoires de notre histoire. Et 
aussi ; Merci à la personne qui a croisé ma route.

Genre : Contemporain

Livre : Roman

ISBN : 978-2322-3878-6-1

Nombre de pages : 168 pages

Prix : 17 euros

Âge : Tout public

Format : A 5

Poids :  g

Thématique du livre : sentiments - désespoir - Famille 

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Le désespoir
est le suicide du cœur

Suite à sa séparation avec Sylvie, sa femme, Patrick Guérémy, correcteur, s’est fait la promesse de ne plus retomber amoureux. Pourtant, lors d’une soirée avec Michel, un agent littéraire devenu son ami, il va faire la connaissance de Li-Yuan, une chanteuse de cabaret.
Il va revivre une grande histoire d’amour, jusqu’à ce jour maudit, où un journaliste fera ressurgir le passé sombre de Li-Yuan. Dès lors, tout va basculer.

Genre : Contemporain

Livre : Roman

ISBN :978-2-3223-9767-9

Nombre de pages : 

Prix : 17 euros

Âge : Tout public

Format : A 5

Poids :  g

Thématique du livre : sentiments - désespoir 

Mes vieux amants.jpg


Fabrice Vigo is as fulfilled in his married life as at work. He is responsible for the personnel in a retirement home which is shaking up conventions. His life will change with the arrival of two new residents, Clovis and Madeleine. While they did not know each other, these two octogenarians will live a great love.


Each of them has their own story and this relationship is not welcome for everyone. When illness strikes one of the two, Fabrice Vigo will be faced with a terrible decision. Should he help one of the two to die, or both?

Genre: Contemporary

Book: Roman

ISBN: 978-2322210213

Number of pages: 175

Price: 17 euros

Age: All ages

Format: A 5

Weight: g

Theme of the book: old age, euthanasia

An excerpt: Locked up like a mess, I didn't sleep a night. I kept thinking about Cécile, forced to sacrifice herself for me, now unemployed and working only for my freedom. I was convinced that I had done good and on the other hand that I had sent them all to hell. Master Mézilles had informed me of all the actions she was leading, the blog she had created and the kitty put online. I was extremely proud of my little wife and was angry with myself for putting her through such torture.

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Struck by misfortune at the birth of his wife, Pierre Baratté will invent the story of a red eagle and a magical village. All this in order to accept death and illness in the minds of his children, to make life easier for them, because the latter will reserve them many trials, especially for one of the two.


Book: Roman

ISBN: 978-2378770525

Number of pages: 224

Price: 19.20 euros

Age: all ages

Format: A5

Weight: 340g

Theme of the book: illness, twins




Antoine Hatier, increasingly successful writer lives in a relationship with Pauline. They have happy days until the day Pauline confesses to him that she can no longer support herself in her female body.


Will Antoine be able to accept this change?

Genre: Contemporary

Book: novel

ISBN: 9782322175772

Number of pages: 232

Price: 17 euros


Format: A5

Weight: 456g

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Book theme: Transsexuality

Le brun est de retour.jpg


France is experiencing a worrying rise in extremist movements before the 2026 elections. What if all these groups take power?

Genre: Fiction - anticipation

Book: Roman

ISBN: 978-2851136701

Number of pages: 240

Price: 17.20 euros

Age: All ages

Format: A5

Weight: 240g

Book theme: Uchronie, extremist groups

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Camille Fort, in her fifties, does not support her current life. He decides to '' drop everything '' and go to Spain, a country he adores. On his journey, he will make three important encounters that will change the course of his existence. Especially one, which will allow him to reveal his talent for writing, another to find love, something he believed impossible and one where friendship takes on all its meaning.


Book: novel

ISBN: 979-1034800155

Number of pages: 136

Price: 12 euros

Age: All ages

Format: A 5

Weight: 200g

Theme of the book: escape, fed up.



Claude and Mathilde Janzon are a happy and united couple. They are the happy parents of a young teenager, Manon. All is well in the best of all possible worlds when something goes wrong. This will call everything into question within this family. Manon, usually so close to her father, will not stop reproaching him, and their relationship will deteriorate, but to what extent?

Genre: Contemporary

Book: novel

ISBN: 978-2322272785

Number of pages: 204

Price: 17 euros

Age: All ages

Format: A5

Weight: 200g

Theme of the book: forfeiture

Extract: I was not one of those apocrypha who, to blend in with the crowd, acted as if. I was loyal, I didn't want to change anything. These reproaches, I could hear them, because few people knew the beginning of my life. So yes, it was legitimate that they found me stupid, that real life was elsewhere, that it was necessary to aim higher. Me, I was sure to have won the moon, because what happened to me today was unexpected for me. Me, the little bastard, son of alcoholic parents, how could I have hoped to have a normal life? I have long believed, by dint of hearing it, that I was only a reject, and that I would end up as such. Today I know where the garbage is and what demiurge they work for. At the risk of offending, I saw many wearing cassocks.

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When a man finds himself on the street and decides to hide him.

A man finds himself homeless as a result of various circumstances. However, he will hide everything from his relatives and "play" the happy man. Only a tragic event will make him realize the benefits of the truth.

Genre: Contemporary

Book: novel

ISBN: 978-2378770389

Number of pages: 172

Price: 18.80 euros

Age: All ages

Format: A5

Weight: 200g

Theme of the book: homeless, misery.

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Desperate to no longer see his son, he decides to take him away from his mother.
A man whose divorce is going very badly, struggling with a stepfather who has all power and control of the city, no longer sees his son. What if the ultimate solution was for him to abduct his child?

Let yourself be touched by the story of a father who has no other desire than to see his child grow up.

Genre: Contemporary

Book: novel

ISBN: 978-2378772208

Number of pages: 160

Price: 16 euros

Age: All ages

Format: A5

Weight: 200g

Theme of the book: divorce, kidnapping.


Our little Ben was now four years old and this justice which shone with its slowness and its ability to privilege people with well-stocked portfolios made me suffer. The feelings of a child were less valuable than the feelings of money and that revolted me. On alternate custody agreed at the start, I had come to hardly see him any more. Josephine's parents used their power to make me look irresponsible, in poor health. It is true that my heart was fragile, but it did not beat faster at the mere sight of banknotes placed on a table. As long as you were lucky enough to have blue blood in your veins, anything could be bought, even a young boy's future.
Today their fight was that I did not see my little Ben at all. But I was ready to fight until my last breath. Nothing and no one could take away my right to see my child, not even the Lambardets! To date, and to look good, says my lawyer, I had to beg for the right to visit him once every two weeks, and this under the supervision of social assistance in order to prove to them that I had the capabilities physical and psychological aspects of taking care of my son.